Zack Thompson

I’ve been playing bass since 2008. I have played in the church scene all my life. I grew up playing Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). My goal when playing CCM was to bring the groove from the music that I loved (funk, jazz, soul) and add it to the music that I played in church. People are thrown off when they watch me play because even though I’m white, I add soul to everything that I do. People tell me all the time “you play like an old black man,” even though I’m just a young white guy. Currently, I play for Emory Diggs, who is one of the background singers for Tye Tribbett and the worship pastor for Freedom Fellowship in Virginia Beach. I have backed Bethel artist William Matthews. I also play with a local jazz band called Licita.

The feeling of these strings is what stands out to me the most. MJC strings honestly feel lighter than they actually are. They are able to get the tone that I like in a lighter feeling string. They make complicated runs and slapping so much easier than strings I have tried in the past. I use the Nickel Plated Light Gauges on my 5 string Fodera Emperor. I couldn’t be happier with them.