OLATHIA (Oh-lay-thee-ah)features the dynamic vocals of CHRIS E.(former lead singer for CELLBOUND), one of the renowned female metal vocalists from the Cleveland, OH area. Read more

David Francis Hurrell

David Francis Hurrell is an Irish musician and notable bass guitarist with Irish power trio ONOFF. Read more

Gabriel Vivas

Bassist Gabriel Vivas, writer and producer was born in El Paso, Texas and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Read more

Carlos Baumann

A professional Trumpet/Bass player and a music teacher as well, Carlos Baumann is well versed in most music styles but loves playing jazz Read more


WIN! (The Bass Maiden) is a Northern California rock bassist with many years supporting various local bands. Read more

Erich Hoffman

Erich Hoffman, bassist for Funky Pinguru, played classical guitar for over ten years… Read more

Belmont Rock School

Under the patronage of Steven Wilson – world class musician and producer, The Belmont Rock School and Conservatory was Read more

Frank Casciaro, Jr.

Frank Casciaro, Jr. has been playing bass professionally since age 16. Read more

Doug Mancini

Doug Mancini is a seasoned bassist from Los Altos, Ca. In his 40+ years of performing, Doug has played in just about every musical genre Read more

Scott Martinez

Bass player Scott Martinez (Alice Sweet Alice) discovered music in the woods of Maine at a very young age. Sitting around a campfire with his Grandfather, someone pulled out a guitar and started singing. Read more