Ryan Riley

Ryan was born in to music. His grandparents were both entertainers in the Philippines and on Guam his grandmother was the most coveted act among the local night scene. His mother followed in their footsteps migrating to Guam at age 18 to be radio dj and night club singer. Her career there spanned 3 decades and earned her the highest accolades for her amazing stage presence and jaw-dropping powerful voice.

Before birth and as an infant and toddler Ryan was exposed to the music world, listening to blues, rock and mainly jazz through headphones or on the family record player. At age 5 he joined the Guam Island Wide Choir singing tenor and alto at local Christmas and other holiday shows. In school Ryan naturally gravitated toward the stage and participated in almost every show the school put on. Whether he was playing bass in the school band, doing lights, sound, stage production or taking on a lead role in a musical, Ryan was always involved and loved being on stage.

In 2009 Ryan, now an avid rock bassist, met drummer, Lawson Smith, in Grass Valley through a good friend, Nick (guitars, lead vocals), who wanted to start a band. After just a few months the trio Downshift was formed and began playing shows locally and abroad with the likes of NorCal acts The Lonely Kings and Dr. Luna as well as Portland’s FLOATER. After just 3 years of playing, however, Nick decided to leave the band thus propelling Ryan to take on lead vocals along with his bottom-feeding role. Shortly thereafter in late 2013 Ryan asked then Dr. Luna bassist, Malik Goodman, if he’d be willing to play guitar with the remnants of Downshift and, of course, the answer was ‘yes.’ Styles meshed, bromances flourished and thus was born the legendary band, 3SD, still in its current form.

3SD’s blend of Metal, Alternative and spunk is fun to watch live or listen to on Reverbnation, Instagram or Facebook. They always bring their ‘A’ game and put out massive energy at their live shows consistently leaving the crowds wanting more.