Rob D

Rob Dakiniewich, AKA Rob D., is a bassist from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has been playing bass for 21 years, 12 years professionally.

He plays all types of events from small club shows to big festivals with tens of thousands in attendance. Some highlights include playing with George Leach – a 2014 Juno Award winner at the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards, opening for Mel C of the Spice Girls, Blues Traveler, and Sam Moore. Rob has been involved as a session bassist for thousands of live shows and over 30 recordings. Recordings include Tyler Gilbert’s album Ok Murphy, One More Night With You…Live by Skavenjah, and The Nancy Ray Guns album All Those Years of Heart.

Rob is currently the bassist with:
Voiceless (
George Leach (
The Bureau
Sound Society (
Skavenjah (
The Ben Winoski Project (