What if every time you took your instrument out of the case and replaced it, an invisible protective shield automatically re-charged, protecting everything metal in your case – even through paint and coatings?

That’s exactly what the RNPROTECTS metal-seeking CVI technology does – it seals & protects metals with a self-repairing “molecular umbrella”.

Now, you can fight the high cost of rust and corrosion with the same CVI (vapor phase corrosion inhibitor) developed for major industries and the military.

RN LOGORNPROTECTS migrates throughout the surrounding spaces to form an invisible “Molecular Umbrella” of electrochemical inhibitors that seal metals against air and moisture that cause rust & corrosion. CVI automatically protects any metal surface that air can reach through a natural occurring static charge.

There’s no effect on electrical, mechanical or chemical performance. And no chemical build-up ever! Best of all, should the RNPROTECTS “Molecular Umbrella” ever be scratched away, the CVI in the surrounding air immediately forms a new one, electrochemically resealing the vulnerable surface. RNPROTECTS bonds electrochemically with metal surfaces to form a protective “Molecular Umbrella”, sealing out the air and moisture that causes rust & corrosion.

CVI tech works better than conventional rust inhibitors, yet is environmentally & user safe – RNPROTECTS is non-toxic, user-safe and derived from natural, organic sources. No nitrites, silicones, phosphates, heavy metals or other harmful chemicals. CVI can’t harm plastics, elastomers or painted surfaces either. That makes RNPROTECTS safer for you and the world we live in.

Anywhere there’s metal, there’s a problem. Now, there’s a real solution – that can be used in any enclosed storage spaces, including;

  • Guitar/Horn Cases
  • Keyboard/Amp Cases (or in the back of an amp)
  • CD and Disc Storage
  • Rack/Road Cases
  • Computer/DJ/Storage Cases
  • Eect Pedals and Cases
  • Electronic Cabinets
  • Computer Cabinets
  • Entertainment Centers