Neal Harris

At the age of 23 Neal had a late start as a musician compared to many of his peers. Playing around the Phoenix Arizona music scene with such groups as REDRUM, Contact High and Black Mariah throughout the mid 80s and 90s gave him a solid foundation as a bassist. Neal also released an E.P. with a group called The Investigators in the mid 90s featuring hall of fame drummer Hal Blaine. After a 7-year hiatus he returned to the stage with the group Lock 44. During this time Neal also started an acoustic group called “Dream Chemistry”. Dream Chemistry released two full-length studio albums world wide with moderate success. Currently Neal is playing with “Empire of Dezire” where he has had the privilege of sharing the stage with such groups as Saxon, Armored Saint, UFO, Geoff Tate and Gram Bonnet just to name a few. His influences include: Greg Chaisson (Badlands), Kenny Chaisson (Keel), Todd Chaisson (Tuff), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Tony Levin (King Crimson) and Chris Squiar (Yes) among many others. Neal plays Fender and Jackson Basses and Ashdown amplification.