Mauricio Morales

Mauricio Morales, nick named “Mo” or “Motown”, is a born and raised Nor Cal local. Mo quickly discovered a deep love for music and skateboarding, pursuing both actively starting in his early teens. The Nor Cal skate scene along with a deep urge for rebellion, shaped his early musical desires, yet ironically his first actual musical performance involved him backing a local seasoned guitar player on bass covering tunes by Buddy Holly and The Crickets, Tom Petty, and Neal Young. The young dreamer soon began forming different bands throughout high school. Soon after graduating high school he joined Reservoir, a heavy hard rock band and began playing the local bar scene at age 19. Reservoir soon disbanded only to re-emerge as Head Trip Legacy a Tool influenced rock band with Mo again holding down the bass end. This too eventually met its end after a short stint of local bars and house parties. Then teaming up with former guitarist of HTL, Justin Lundgren, he and Mauricio formed Mudstone another heavy rock band. Mo played in this band for over 4 years cutting his chops and playing shows. He eventually parted ways with Mudstone and with the help of his good friend and former drummer of Mudstone, Damo, formed a new three piece band called Third Class Citizen, a high energy punk style band with a classic rock singer. This too eventually came to an end with the leaving of the lead singer/guitarist. Mo and Damo continued looking for a replacement front man and at long last met Anthony Savedra. Anthony brought his reggae rock with sublime style voice to the table and the three quickly jelled. “From the first practice we knew we had something special.” They decided to give it a go and immediately began practicing and writing, and within 12 months had an 11 song self-released album out boasting the bands new name, Clever Fool. Clever Fool has been playing out from Yuba City to Sacramento to Chico, Redding, Nevada City, San Jose and even all the way in Santa Cruz