Mason Brown

Mason Brown began his life of music in 4th grade while living in Toronto – he played several instruments throughout his school years, but stuck with his original pick, the bass guitar.

Like most other musicians, he has been in numerous bands and played many styles/genres of music ranging from traditional folk to funk and metal. His biggest passion is making original rock music.

He is currently the bass guitarist for the up-and-coming band, In Crimson, based out of South Bend. The group has been highly sought out and has a busy schedule ahead.

” I was in Louisiana about two years ago at a local music shop and the person behind the counter suggested I try some strings he just got in. That was my first set of MJC Ironworks strings. I was floored by the quality of sound! I immediately bought another set for another one of my basses. Same result! Since that day, I have been exclusively using and promoting these great strings from MJC Ironworks. Nothing else even comes close! “