John Campbell

John Campbell started playing bass guitar in 1964 and three years later with his brother and three friends formed the band called Gunge. Gunge became a pioneering northern California hard rock group opening for the likes of The Zombies, Blue Cheer, and the Grateful Dead.

Skip ahead fifty years and John is again the bassist with that same lead singer from Gunge, Martin Taylor, that singer’s son, Chris Hutchins, on guitar, and their friend Kevin Peake on drums. Their band, Locked In A Cage With Monsters, is creating a stir with their proto-punk, garage attitude, hard-rock sound. It’s all good and it’s all fun.

“These strings are what I need to complete ‘that sound’ I’m looking for. My MED-LT SS MJC Ironworks strings keep delivering that solid, full spectrum sound long after others would have gone lifeless.” John Campbell