David Francis Hurrell

David Francis Hurrell is an Irish musician and notable bass guitarist with Irish power trio ONOFF. Originally hailing from the small suburb village of Clondalkin situated in his home city of Dublin, Hurrell was without a doubt destined to become a musician.

As a child growing up in Ireland where the musical architecture was and still is a wealth of homegrown and foreign opinions, inputs and interests it came as no surprise that a young Hurrell would be heavily influenced by a palette of different musical styles. Among the most prominent of genres to influence a young David Hurrell was the blues in part influenced by his mothers obsession with the music of the American Deep South.

“His mother would blare blues music, the frequencies and vibrations of which so prominent it could surely be heard from inside the whom”.

However it wasn’t until he was introduced to artist like Led Zeppelin and Rory Gallaghers “Taste” that he throughly became infatuated with making music prompting him to emulate the sounds he was hearing on record. Hurrell picked up the guitar aged 6 but quickly abandoned it as he claims “I was trying to learn on a beat up old acoustic guitar with the action set so high it was tearing the skin from my tiny fingers” it wouldn’t be for another four years that he would fully commit himself to learning the instrument.

Subsequently over a period of the next fifteen years Hurrell perfected his craft and ear playing a multitude of musical styles from rock, metal, jazz fusion, pop, alternative, electronic and blues based music in various acts and sessions as guitarist and bassist with varying amounts of success throughout the closely nit Irish industry.

However it wasn’t until 2012 that Hurrell found his through calling as bass guitarist and finial member in Irelands own rock power trio ONOFF. To date ONOFF have won various musical achievement awards both in Europe and America and have released numerous recorded material and music videos globally all of which have proven successful both in the European and american markets. You can listen to and view ONOFF through their YouTube channel. Simply follow this link www.youtube.com/ONOFFmusictv


ONOFF are a Rock n Roll Trio from Ireland and are driven by lead singer/songwriter “PAULIE”, Bass-Player “DAVE” and Drummer “STEVIE 10 BEARS”

ONOFF have released and have been a part of many successful projects in Ireland and throughout Europe.. Their highest accolade to date is the release of the bands debut European album ‘DONT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT’ which put them on the cover of 3 major German music magazines, Stardust magazine, OX Fanzine & SLAM(Austria) .

The release was supported by 12 Headline tours of Europe including shows in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, England, France and 2 summer 2009/2010 European Festival Tours .

The album was received unanimously well across the European media with raving reviews right across the board.

From excessive touring of Europe ONOFF have obtained over 25,000 Fans throughout the bands Social Media Websites and have reached over 250,000 views/site hits..

In 2009 ONOFF won the title of “Best Unsigned Irish Band” in a public vote by leading Irish Music Magazine HOTPRESS.

The prize for this accolade was an opportunity to HEADLINE the LIVE STAGE at the HOTPRESS 2009 MUSIC EXPO in The R.D.S Dublin October 3rd alongside established acts such as Snow Patrol, Imelda May, Glen Hansard and The Blizzards.

This performance proved ONOFF have the songs and live stage presence to be up there with the best Ireland has to offer.

ONOFF are currently planning world domination through music for 2014 with the release of a brand new album coming soon.