Dank DeLong

Dank DeLong was born and raised in the rural farmlands of North-Eastern Pennsylvania “Dutch Country.” Picking up his father’s electric bass at an early age, he performed in several rock & punk bands throughout high school.

Dank was a fixture of the 80’s Metal, Hardcore and Punk scenes, and has played bass in LA DE DAA, WHITE PLASTIC, ULTRA-VIOLENCE, THE VON GHOULS, INFRADIG, CORPSEFIER, and UNDIVIDED, but it wasn’t until Dank joined old school thrash legends, WHIPLASH, at the end of 2010 that he truly found his calling, bringing his formidable chops and stage presence to audiences around the world.

“I’m known for my stage presence, but have always struggled with my sound, getting those treble riff twangs to resonate while keeping that stomach-churning“Boom” intact. When my friend Rob Moschetti (GENERATION KILL, ex-PRO-PAIN, ex-M.O.D.) lent me a set of MJC Ironworks strings, my prayers were answered. All at once the highs were clear and the lows powerfully throbbed!”