Chris Raper

Chris began his musical adventure at the age of 8 playing clarinet through school until he found the instrument that would be his soulmate until this current date the bass guitar.

At 15 years old he began taking lessons from guitar great Joe Settlemires at his music school in Del City, OK. Cutting his teeth quickly on blues, jazz and country, he also studied multiple genres of music such as Funk, R&B, Classical, and Heavy Metal, even Rap.  His versatility allowed him to garnish an impressive career in the local scene as well as on the road, touring honky tonks and dancehalls around the country.

     A versatile and unique bassist, Chris can lay down a groove to the hardest funk, or lay back on a country ballad with the best of them. Rhythm to solo work, also singing lead vocals and back up harmonies, he has the ability to enhance any groups marketability in any musical situation.

Chris (AKA-Farty McSparkles) is ready to bring THE BEST in country music entertainment to you. Live and ready to Rock your Country, it’s time for YOU, to  PARTY WITH FARTY