Andy Chartier

Heavily influenced by pop-punk bands of yesteryear, Andy Chartier has watched as pop-punk has been pushed from the limelight. From the sideline he waited for his time to intervene. Born in Hayward, CA, he knew from a young age that music was a lifelong passion waiting to be ignited. A beautiful and dangerous storm brewed within Chartier until he found a creative outlet allowing him to express the mosaic thoughts tucked deep within his mind. This transpired into Chartier picking up a bass guitar for the first time.
Being transplanted from the West Coast to the Midwest could not stop Chartier from pursuing his passion of pop-punk music. As a founding member of Flashing Lights, they have been providing a fresh wave of original pop-punk music to Southwest Missouri. Their sound has been described as the “perfect road trip album” and individuals have stated “these songs and their nostalgic qualities will take you back to a simpler time when all you wanted to do was run away from your problems.” Still young in their musical careers, Chartier (and Flashing Lights) have been setting the scene on fire with their much-anticipated debut EP release “History of Us.” Their single “Andy’s Line”, which was accompanied with an intricate music video, has garnered substantial traction showing they are here to stay.
Chartier has been using MJC Ironworks strings for years on a vast array of basses for recording and live performances. Through vintage to modern basses, Andy Chartier has had two constants: a homemade floral print strap and MJC Ironwork strings. We asked him what these strings mean to him to which he responded, “A lot of people overlook their strings as being an integral part of their tone; that is, until they find a string that opens their eyes. These are those strings.”