Most companies have their own “secret formula” trick bag. Depending on the company, those tricks might work better for the manufacturing process but lead to a sacrifice in the actual sound of the string.With decades of combined experience as professional musicians, with insatiable attention to the manufacturing process, we achieve the sound and dependability that working musicians demand – to deliver a full bodied sound with a long life. Our RNPROTECTS technology helps insure that long life… and they come in a very cool tin.

Mike Connolly

If there was a degree one could get for string knowledge, Mike would have a PHD.

MJC Ironworks was started by Mike – a veteran of string manufacturing, and a lifelong musician as well. Better than nearly anyone, Mike understands what musicians want and need in their strings.

Mike made his bones at Dean Markley strings when they were “on the rise” in the CA bay area, and grew with the company straight through their evolution as one of the then-top string companies in the world. He started in sales, and worked his way up to factory liaison and special project coordinator between the main office in Santa Clara CA and the manufacturing plant in Kalamazoo MI.

Mike developed or worked on most all of the string projects at DM for years – and as a director of artist relations, he has collaborated with many, many, artists in the development of personal string lines.

He has worked with or partnered with many other string manufacturers, and has set up a complete state-of-the-art string manufacturing facility for a major music manufacturing company.

Besides his decades-long string experience, Mike has a vast tool belt of experience in all aspects of marketing and the day to day planning and execution of running a business.

Between his vast experience, and his love of music and musicians, he decided to develop his own strings, gather some friends and start a company.