Andy Leab

Cleveland native and Nashville veteran, Andy began his journey into music at an early age studying violin at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Born into a bluegrass family, he studied mandolin and fiddle as a child, cutting his teeth on the stages of many Ohio bluegrass festivals in the nineties. Although percussion and rudimental drumming became a passion in middle and high school, Andy continued to be fixated on stringed instruments, fronting a power trio on lead guitar through his teen years. Heavily influenced by the likes of Larry Graham, Skeet Curtis, Mark King, and Rocco Prestia to name a few, his real passion is funk and soul and his slap and finger techniques marry both the percussive and melodic aspects of the bass guitar.

Now in Nashville for over a decade, Andy frequents the Broadway club scene as well as studio work, corporate functions and many original collaborations with local artists and musicians. You can see him hit with the likes of Chris Weaver Band, his own outfit FUNKONAUTS, and many more.

“Punch, tone, clarity, and durability. MJC brings it all to the table, not to mention a great approach to artist relations and accommodations!”

Kerri Powers

Kerri Powers has just released what some are calling the “essential cosmic American album.” Her new effort, Starseeds has already been receiving critical acclaim and extensive airplay throughout. It isn’t surprising, as she released a self-titled EP in 2014 and with zero radio or publicity assistance she was able to land the #1 spot on the Roots Music Report’s “Top 50 Folk Albums of 2014.” Over the years she’s appeared at numerous prestigious venues and musical gatherings including The Boston Folk Festival, The Philadelphia Folk Festival and Telluride Bluegrass Festival. She has toured throughout The United States as well as overseas, making appearances in The Netherlands, Belgium, and The U.K. Her song Diamond Day was featured in the motion picture Chuck, and other tracks have made their way into the television series Rescue Me and Justified.


“From extravagance to simple elegance we went, as Kerri Powers took the stage with nothing but a guitar and a tapping tambourine strapped to the toe of her boot. Reading about her I assumed she’d be a folk strummer, but she began to lay down some of the finest country blues fingerstyle guitar we’ve had on our stage. It was shades of Rory Block, Chris Smither and, all the way back, Blind Blake and Gary Davis…on top was a fascinating, strong voice rich with barbs and prickles…well written and beautifully sung stuff.” Craig Havighurst/Music City Roots, Nashville


Andy Chartier

Heavily influenced by pop-punk bands of yesteryear, Andy Chartier has watched as pop-punk has been pushed from the limelight. From the sideline he waited for his time to intervene. Born in Hayward, CA, he knew from a young age that music was a lifelong passion waiting to be ignited. A beautiful and dangerous storm brewed within Chartier until he found a creative outlet allowing him to express the mosaic thoughts tucked deep within his mind. This transpired into Chartier picking up a bass guitar for the first time.
Being transplanted from the West Coast to the Midwest could not stop Chartier from pursuing his passion of pop-punk music. As a founding member of Flashing Lights, they have been providing a fresh wave of original pop-punk music to Southwest Missouri. Their sound has been described as the “perfect road trip album” and individuals have stated “these songs and their nostalgic qualities will take you back to a simpler time when all you wanted to do was run away from your problems.” Still young in their musical careers, Chartier (and Flashing Lights) have been setting the scene on fire with their much-anticipated debut EP release “History of Us.” Their single “Andy’s Line”, which was accompanied with an intricate music video, has garnered substantial traction showing they are here to stay.
Chartier has been using MJC Ironworks strings for years on a vast array of basses for recording and live performances. Through vintage to modern basses, Andy Chartier has had two constants: a homemade floral print strap and MJC Ironwork strings. We asked him what these strings mean to him to which he responded, “A lot of people overlook their strings as being an integral part of their tone; that is, until they find a string that opens their eyes. These are those strings.”

Rob Payne

Growing up in Owensboro, Rob Payne taught himself to play as a teenager, eventually joining Furious Child and becoming a staple of the Nashville metal scene for many years.

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Tom Logsdon

Tom Logsdon got his first guitar at 15, and honed his skills on both sides of the Appalachians with many metal bands, including Furious Child, Dead Velvet, and Pyramid of the Sun. Read more

Jeremiah Roberts

The thunder behind the band Crow Souls , Jeremiah Roberts started his musical journey later than most Read more

Travis Fredrick Hagstrom

Starting out studying organ and trombone at a young age, Travis picked up the electric bass at 13 and has been addicted to it ever since. After receiving a bursary for music upon graduating, Travis bought an amp worthy of gigging and set out to conquer the Brisbane music scene. Read more

Ryan Riley

Ryan was born in to music. His grandparents were both entertainers in the Philippines and on Guam his grandmother was the most coveted act among the local night scene. His mother followed in their footsteps migrating to Guam at age 18 to be radio dj and night club singer. Her career there spanned 3 decades and earned her the highest accolades for her amazing stage presence and jaw-dropping powerful voice. Read more

John Campbell

John Campbell started playing bass guitar in 1964 and three years later with his brother and three friends formed the band called Gunge. Gunge became a pioneering northern California hard rock group opening for the likes of The Zombies, Blue Cheer, and the Grateful Dead.

Skip ahead fifty years and John is again the bassist with that same lead singer from Gunge, Martin Taylor, that singer’s son, Chris Hutchins, on guitar, and their friend Kevin Peake on drums. Their band, Locked In A Cage With Monsters, is creating a stir with their proto-punk, garage attitude, hard-rock sound. It’s all good and it’s all fun.

“These strings are what I need to complete ‘that sound’ I’m looking for. My MED-LT SS MJC Ironworks strings keep delivering that solid, full spectrum sound long after others would have gone lifeless.” John Campbell

Carlitos Cuba

Born and raised in Havana, Cuba, Carlitos Cuba has been on the international Music scene since 2004 when he graduated from the “Conservatory of Music Amadeo Roldan” in Havana, earning his degree of bassist, professor of Bass guitar and professor of ensemble performance.

Throughout his carrier he’s been playing various genres like Pop, Funk, Jazz, Salsa, Latin Jazz, Rock, and has recorded and toured with the famous Cuban artist (Latin Grammy Winner) Pablo Milanes.

He has been residing in Los Angeles,California since 2011 and plays with artists like Andy Garcia & Cineson All Stars, Strunz & Farah, Alvester Martin, Barbara Padilla, David Longoria, Chuchito Valdes (Latin Grammy nominated), Phillip Brandon, Bee Uyen & the Berklee Jazz Band, and others. He is currently touring with Strunz & Farah and Phillip Brandon.