Dave Welsch

First-Call Bass Player, Dave Welsch, has been been performing all styles of music for nearly 50 years.  He has been featured on both Electric and Acoustic Basses in Jazz, Pop, Rock, Country, Folk, and Musical Theater.  Dave most recently toured with Grammy Award winning Victor Wooten Band, featured on Bass, Trumpet, Keyboards, and Vocals.  He has been an Instructor and Administrator at Victor Wooten’s Center for Music and Nature since it’s inception in 2000.

“I love my MJC Strings! They last long, feel great under my fingers and always sound AWEsome!”

Visit him at www.DaveWelsch.com

Drew Aud

Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter with Western Kentucky’s Insulated, Drew Aud can choose any string he wants, but chooses MJC Ironworks for
his arsenal of guitars.

Francisco Rubio

Francisco Rubio is the guitarist for THE TACIT ORDER, a collective of musicians from Puebla, México that began their collaboration in 2005, combining composition
and improvisation… a band characterized by their quality and originality in the studio and on the stage.

“Ever since my bass player started using MJC strings i could not wait for them to make guitar strings. Now they are finally here and they are even better than I imagined – the best strings I’ve ever played!!”

Jan Ingram

Jan Ingram is the bassist for THE TACIT ORDER, a collective of musicians from Puebla, México that began their collaboration in 2005, combining composition
and improvisation… a band characterized by their quality and originality in the studio and on the stage.

“I found MJC Ironworks strings late last year, and fell in love with them. Now I use them on every one of my basses!”

Mason Brown

Mason Brown began his life of music in 4th grade while living in Toronto – he played several instruments throughout his school years, but stuck with his original pick, the bass guitar.

Like most other musicians, he has been in numerous bands and played many styles/genres of music ranging from traditional folk to funk and metal. His biggest passion is making original rock music.

He is currently the bass guitarist for the up-and-coming band, In Crimson, based out of South Bend. The group has been highly sought out and has a busy schedule ahead.

” I was in Louisiana about two years ago at a local music shop and the person behind the counter suggested I try some strings he just got in. That was my first set of MJC Ironworks strings. I was floored by the quality of sound! I immediately bought another set for another one of my basses. Same result! Since that day, I have been exclusively using and promoting these great strings from MJC Ironworks. Nothing else even comes close! “

Stu Cook

Stu Cook, who along with his best pal Doug “Cosmo” Clifford, has provided the underpinning for some of the most classic American Rock ‘n’ Roll of the last forty-odd (and we do mean odd) years – Creedence.

He is one of a small handful of electric bassists who have helped define the genre, truly deserving of the legend status that his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame suggests. Besides keeping the flame burning for CCR, Stu was also a member of the country-rock group, Southern Pacific, and along with Cosmo, nailed down the groove for the acclaimed Don Harrison Band. About the current state of affairs Stu says, “There’s still some meat on the bone, baby.”

More at http://creedence-revisited.com/

Alex Petrosino

I am a self taught bassist who has been activily playing bass for 10 years. I started playing guitar but there were always too many guitar players so I tried bass. Since I was eight I have been playing in school bands and later in bands with friends. Although I can play many instruments such as drums, piano and guitar, bass has always been my favorite and what I excel at. My goal is to become like the bands and artists that I idolize and am influenced by. I want to be a bassist that has my own sound and hope that I can influence young musicians looking for their sound.

Sean “Freak Monkey” Fuller

Sean “Freak Monkey” Fuller is the bassist for the San Jose based band “Soul Jar”, formerly of My Monster and The Devil Himself, Sean has been playing in bands since 2003 and has always added a unique  touch to the low end with his bass playing.
Beginning in 2014, Sean has started to manufacture his own line of basses, El Chupacabras Basses,  each of which will come from the factory with MJC Ironworks Bass Strings! Check them out at www.fullercustom.com

“The MJC Ironworks  Med-LT Stainless Steel strings have really rounded out my tone with adding a superior bright resonance and awesome playability.  These will be the last strings you will ever need!”

Dank DeLong

Dank DeLong was born and raised in the rural farmlands of North-Eastern Pennsylvania “Dutch Country.” Picking up his father’s electric bass at an early age, he performed in several rock & punk bands throughout high school. Read more

Rob D

Rob Dakiniewich, AKA Rob D., is a bassist from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has been playing bass for 21 years, 12 years professionally. Read more